A major part of our lives is dedicated to Studies.

Some like it. Some hate it.

Some just do their best before exams.

Some make it a daily ritual and learn a great deal of everything.

Identify which one are you. And into what you want to change?

Studying is important no matter what? Imagine a scene where you are in college, spending time in all extra curricular and study a night before and still manage a decent pointer. Cool ain’t it ?

When you get out of the college and contemplate your college life, there will be void in your heart. When you look for a job and find your brains total empty same as your resume, you will see a big black hole where all the time you had has converged into singularity.

Objective: To learn. Not to cram and secure marks/pointer. They will come eventually.

  • Always keep a notebook handy. Write in it the headings, small notes, page numbers of important topics, flowcharts and block diagrams.
  • An easy way to remember text is to break it down into parts. Try and visualize. If possible convert it into simple flowcharts or blocks.
  • Make a target. Divide your time period into 45 minute blocks and designate each block topic wise. Always reward yourself with a break after every two blocks completion.
  • Learn not only from textbooks. Open your laptop. Open YouTube. Find videos related to specific topics. Always go for short ones. This always helps when you are on to a tough topic and the book language is driving you crazy.
  • If you got a PDF version of a book or any research paper, get a printout of it ASAP. Do not strain your eyes reading on screen.
  • Do not run after any extra notes or books which your friend has. Look at them only after you have been through your own. When your mind trembles away for extra, it loses focus and is a wastage of time. Try to be calm.
  • Apart from curriculum, reach out to more resources. Subscribe relevant magazines, blogs, newsletters pertaining to your subjects. It not only broadens your spectrum but also updates and encourages you.
  • Do one thing at a time. Do not multitask. If you got a time restraint then start well beforehand. Visualize your upcoming two days. Try to designate each subject adequate number of blocks of time. Write this plan on a paper and paste it on your wall.
  • Always listen to your mind.

You see I can go on and on. But its your life and your decisions. You must work out a way that suits you better. Be open minded and energetic. All the best.