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Here I was, like everyday. At home, two months still to join my job.

Each day I contemplate, do I know what’s about to come? Am I ready for my life? I ask this question to myself and a big black hole in me reverts, “No!”

I don’t know a damn thing. I don’t know how to manage time, I don’t know how to channelize my thoughts. All I do is just bottle up everything and get frustrated.

GOSH! If that’s what gonna happen when I’m in job, God forbid what am I gonna do ever?

What is disturbing me? Let me make a list:

  • Expectations. Oh yes! My parents, my cousins, my friends. Everyone has got a judgemental attitude now. And I cannot escape it.
  • Annoyance? Am I getting annoyed? Yes. I’m getting annoyed.
  • Lack of motivation. Yes.
  • Lack of guidance. Oh yes. How am I supposed to know what things I ought to know.
  • Boredom. My brain’s getting bored.
  • Procrastination. I’ll run tomorrow. I’ll do the sit-ups tomorrow. I’ll learn Python tomorrow. I’ll read that chapter tomorrow.

This list can go on.

Today I watched a TED video about How Much A Video Weighs? Really is there any answer to that?

But as I proceeded, there was quite an explanation and yes there was an answer.

However there was something more to that video rather than just a answer.

It questioned my brain. Did I ever think about that? It wasn’t rocket science. It was easy. But I didn’t think of it.

Another video I watched on TED was about a little game called Shiritori. Think of a word. Now think a next word that starts from the ending alphabet of the previous word.

Yeah I played this game in my school. We played it with names of countries.

The video was about how can we become creative and produce new ideas about books, apps, toys, startups anything.

WHOA! I didn’t know that too. Although I used to play this game in my childhood.

I really need to get on with the fact that I should know things. I need to create a value of myself.

Here’s my motivation. Need to work on it.