I was just sitting by my friend. He was smoking a cigarette in the days end.

Lips on it, he sucked the burning tobacco, inhaled it, settled it inside.

Gosh! he felt it was alright.

And then later a while, he slowly pushed the smoke, out in the air. Oh! the smoke, came out as a white smooth, silky cloud.

It danced in the air and then all of a sudden it disappears.

Its vanishing act, like an epiphany struck me hard. It made me some words, which in my ”mind were barred. “I want to be like this smoke!”, I say so spontaneous.

“Why?”, he asked, being curious.

“I don’t know, the vanished, just like that!”

“Yeah, but wait, what?”, he smirked.

“You know, all these days, a plethora of thoughts, feelings is in my mind. Eating me away, bit by bit…..”

“….I panic, my fears unravel. I can’t think. I can’t talk about it to anyone. I can’t take it out.”

“Dude tell me what is it?”, he exhaled the white rings again.

“Why do you smoke. What it does to you?”, said I.

“I don’t know, I feel high, but I also feel its wrong…..”

“…every drag I take, I wish I hadn’t. so I just take it out and watch it go away from me.”, said he.

“Yes. You watch it go away from you. I wish, my feelings could go away, vanish just as your smoke does…..”

“….every feeling, every thought drags me down deep into a pit, so dark that I almost become dead. I wish I could take them out, make them into rings and watch them fly, watch them vanish, go away from me. I could feel light I wish.”

He watched me a drop of tear rolled down my cheek. He watched me helpless. He takes his last drag and exhales the smoke. Out it goes, vanishing.