Here i come to save the day!!!! - The Mighty Mouse | Meme Generator

I am not going to tell the whole journey since my last post till today, when I decided to join my website back! I am a changed soul, have gathered a lot of experience, been exposed to a lot of tough situations.

Here I come, not gonna be mum.

Didn’t learn to cook a bun, but know how to stun!

Bad poetry, no worries, will work on it. The other agenda which I want to share with my readers is that, I am going to promise myself that every original thought that now comes to my mind- gonna write it down here.

Not much right now, but I kinda like where I am right now. I am doing something that satiates me. I am helping people. Its something that has always given me purpose.

Going forward, I will be sharing mini-incidents from my daily grill. Lets find out together whether something meaningful and learnable comes out of it.

The thing which is on top of my head right now is, Informal Networks.

I will try to share some research around it in my next post, and let’s explore its benefits in our daily lives!

Cheers, the fun starts here. 🙂