Here I sat on my comfy bed gazing at my laptop. I was in search of a meaningful article that could help me find a great way to write a blog.

Simple search it seems to be, right?


I encountered so many of them, lecturing about good vocabulary, information, news, websites, online courses, books and what not? I was taken aback when I came to know of about a hundred rules to be followed, if at all I want to write a normal blog!

Then I came across an answer by Nelson Wang, a published writer and author of two books. He said, “write according to yourself. No fancy words, no complex sentences. Just write what suits you. give a crazy unusual title to your post. Don’t write too long.”

So yeah! Pretty much what I wanted. When I tried to read in between the lines of his amazing answer, I needed to rethink many misconceptions I had.

  • Its not mandatory to follow certain typecast rules prior to your beginning. Successful people didn’t follow any rules. They made theirs.
  • When I am up to something new, I should visualize about its process. How it needs to be done, what new ideas can I incorporate?
  • I should feel happy about it.
  • I should’t care about what others would think or make out of what I think. Its my creation and I can always improvise.
  • Read all, listen all, Do as it suits me. I do it for my conscience.
  • People only scan through what is written online. No complexity is appreciated.


Same goes with a person everyday. He thinks, he overthinks, he sees what other think and then think how they think. Individuality does’t exist anymore!

In the nutshell I want to convey that “Do what pleases you.

One must have Self Control. He must avoid drifting away from his thoughts and ideas just for the sake of rules and boundaries.

In the following posts I will share some more great ideas of mine. Keep reading. In the meantime make a habit of:

  1. Clear your thoughts and forget about others.
  2. Find a good little book and read it.
  3. Write 3 new insights that you can draw from it.
  4. Whatever is your job, take out at least one hour for yourself.

Enough! Do it.